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Personalized Job Site

We create a personalized Job Connection website just for your church, nonprofit or community organization. This website matches your organization’s site to look and feel like your own. We create a...

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Resume Builder

Help job seekers needing to improve their resume or create a new one. Fill-in boxes with guided descriptions help the job seeker create a dynamic and effective resume. Job seekers can create and download...

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Interest Profiler

The Interest Profiler was created by ONET to help seekers discover where their gifts, talents and interests might take them. Users take a simple 10 minute assessment and receive a complete picture of multiple...

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Powerful Prayer Network

The Prayer Network is a powerful tool for your job seekers to use as they look to God for direction. Prayers are organically collected via the website and sent to the network to be prayed for. Over 17,000+...

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Job Fair Manager

We help you manage the process of registering employers, finding available jobs, and creating simple registration and reporting. Job Fair’s are also a great way to promote your church and bring thousands of...

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