The Job Connection

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"As a recruiter the Job Connection has been a huge help to my business. I've made two hires over the past month using this site!" - Bryan, Plano, TX

The Job Connection is a customized web application that connects employers and job seekers inside churches, cities, and communities. It is a valuable job ministry tool designed to help members find meaningful employment, and help communities reduce unemployment and increase their financial impact.

Mega Church

Designed to connect job seekers and employers through mega-churches and their surrounding communities. Churches with 2,500+ people would consider this model.


Engage all the churches and ministries in your city with one Job Connection tool. Together you can connect more employers with job seekers and get the body back to work.

How can your community benefit from the Job Connection

  • Reduce unemployment by connecting job seekers with meaningful employment.
  • Increase the financial impact to your community
  • Establish a job ministry tool that works efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Change peoples' lives by enabling them to find jobs and meet their needs.


Key Features

Full of great features to manage your ministry.

Customized Job Site

We have over 30 Job Connection clients, each of which we built a customized Job Connection website that includes colors, logos, and styling. Every church or organization will have their own personal look.

Powerful Prayer Network

The Prayer Network is comprised of churches, colleges, and non-profits that utilize the Job Connection ministry tool. Prayers are collected together in one location and job seekers can pray for each other quickly and easily.

Helpful Job Seeker Dashboard

The Job Seeker dashboard includes a variety of interactive features including the Tip of the Week, daily Bible verses, local job news and events, prayer and praise area and an Online Tour to help Job seekers navigate the site. We also use a zip code based job search so job seekers can find work in their local area.

Admin Control Center

Administrators and volunteers from your church can edit, change, or delete any account or job listing at any time. Each church controls what jobs are posted to the website. You have complete control.

Resume Building

The Resume Builder is a great help to job seekers needing to improve their resume or create a new one. Fillable boxes with guiding descriptions help the job seeker create a dynamic and effective resume. The template can be saved right to the site and downloaded to the users computer. Different font and format designs are available for personalization.

Interest Profiler

We want to help our job seekers in every way possible. In addition to job searching and resume building, the Interest Proflier was created to help seekers discover where their gifts, talents and interests might take them. The quick but detailed questionnaire asks users about their gifts and interests and then populates what kind of jobs or career fields will best fit them and even searches for those jobs on the site. Assessments like these are priceless when searching for a new career path.

Automatic Job Alerts

Job seekers can save keywords and our system will send them emails on a daily or weekly basis about jobs that include those keywords. This helps job seekers find exactly what they are looking for and prevents applicable jobs from slipping through the cracks it finds for them.

Direct Job Application

Though all job posting is done through the site, there is no middle man. Job seekers can apply to the employer through the site or direct web link. Applications go to the employer and they can make direct contact with prospective employees. Job seekers and employers can view all applications they have sent and received.

Communication and Events

Admin can communicate instantly with job seekers and employers, or export email addresses to use in Church Management Software or mass mail programs. Keep your users up to speed with helpful events at your church or in your area. Events posted will appear in the job seekers calendar on their profile.

RSS Job Integration

Employers can add their jobs to your site through their RSS job feed. Once set, the employer never has to post a job manually. It automatically sends jobs from their website to your system for approval. While still controlling what jobs are posted, this allows more opportunity for your job seekers. RSS feeds may come from another job search site or company.

Live Statistics

We provide real-time statistics on how many employers and job seekers have signed up, how many jobs are being posted, and the number of jobs received through the website. It's important that you can see the impact you are having in your community.

Prayer Network

I recently accepted a job that I found on the 12stone Job Connection board and I could not be more grateful. Finding the job was completely in God's timing and I am so excited for this new chapter of my life. Thank you 12stone for providing this service for your church!

- Chelsea at Mar 17th, 2016


Who uses the Job Connection?

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