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"If you're looking to create an impactful employment service within your community, The Job Connection is a critically important component in that process. Our job fairs, classes and other recruiting events have grown exponentially because of The Job Connection. We highly recommend this multi-faceted tool!"​
- Anne Rand, Willow Creek
“As a recruiter, The Job Connection has been a huge help to my business. I’ve made two hires over the past month using this site!”
- Bryan, Employer, Plano, TX
“I recently accepted a job that I found on the 12Stone Job Connection board and I could not be more grateful. Thank you 12Stone for providing this service for your church!”
- Chelsea, Job Seeker, Atlanta, GA
"Hi - thank you for the awesome job you did with The Job Connection. Because of this ministry, I was able to secure a new job (I start next Tues!!). I wouldn't have found out about this position without your help."
- Lisa B. - Job Seeker


Great tools to support & manage your job ministry.

Careers Ministry Website

Personalized Job Site

We create a personalized Job Connection website just for your church, nonprofit or community organization.

Christian Resume Builder

Resume Builder

Help job seekers needing to improve their resume or create a new one. Fill-in boxes with guided descriptions help the job seeker create a dynamic and effective resume.

Christian Interest Profiler

Interest Profiler

Users take a simple 10 minute assessment and receive a complete picture of multiple potential careers that would best fit them.

Unemployment is a Road. No one should go it alone.

Work is Worship: We were designed for good works.

Through work, our communities are redeemed and flourish.

We don't just care about work.

We care about the worker.

Best-of-breed job search resources shared by ministries across the US.

Deployed nationwide at Churches and Non-profits since 2003.

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