Partner Training Series #3 : Our Finest Hour in Career Ministry

Brian Horvath

Brian Horvath

Howdy, Partner!

With the pandemic, unemployment, and other crises in America today, you have probably thought to yourself, as I have, “What the heck is going on?”

As leaders, we are quick to realize that while we don’t have all the answers, something must be done.

As Christians, we look to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit of how to lead. In Scripture, we are taught how to serve in love…not the love the the world gives, but with the love of Jesus Christ.

With work being a high-felt need for men and women everywhere, the opportunity to serve the unemployed with the love of Jesus Christ is huge!

To equip and encourage you this week…

I have a brief video excerpt from an interview I did with my friend and Job Connection partner, Jim Carow. Jim is a veteran volunteer leader at Tampa’s Idlewild Baptist Church where he has been leading the iWork career ministry effort for 10+ years.

He calls this time, as confusing and chaotic as it has been, to be the church’s finest ho

Also, learn a little bit about Jim and the iWork ministry here:
 What is iWork? brief video

It is an honor to serve with you!

Brian Horvath
The Job Connection

🙌 Next week, I will share some insights about the power of team and leadership best practices to serve the unemployed in our communities! 🙌

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